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Jennings and Ponder's Storytelling


photo credit: Jeb Wallace-Brodeur


BY TURNS ROLLICKING, poignant, spinetingling and serene, Tim Jennings and Leanne Ponder combine storytelling with Celtic music.

Every show features a substantial world-classic traditional tale, requiring six months to a year to develop, presented within a lively mix of shorter stories, humor, legends, ballads, hair-raisers, history, and lore. Everything is woven together with traditional Irish and Scottish music played on Celtic harp and concertina. All material is traditional folk, interpreted in a fresh and exciting way.

With extensive experience in colleges, resorts, theaters, libraries, festivals, and elementary and secondary schools all around New England and much further afield, this highly acclaimed duo delivers a strong, reliable, and exciting arts experience.

The couple brings everything they need. This includes a 36-string floor harp and a baritone ukulele, several antique concertinas, a living room set-- furniture, wooden screen, lamp, and rug-- and theater-style lighting. They prefer to work unamplified, but bring their own system and microphones when needed.

Storytelling programs are of flexible length, and are adaptable to a great many audiences and situations.


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