I just came across your page on story beginnings. It may interest you to know that I recently finished a Master's degree in Storytelling at East Tennessee State University with flora Joy. My thesis was a collection and analysis of story beginnings and endings. I was aware of the original Storytell list, along with the difficulties of organizating and finding duplication, and sometimes lack of cultural reference. For my thesis, as I collected more and more (currently with almost 1000 beginnings and endings of tradition stories), I found that they broke into categories. The beginnings i placed into: A) Once Upon A; B) Long, Long Ago; C) In The Beginning; D) Certain Time or Certain Place E) A Story's Coming F) Truth of Story; G) Nonsense Beginning; and J) Miscellanious. There are similar categories for the Endings. In addition, I devised a reference number system, so that every specific beginning or ending has its own unique number.

The thesis is at ETSU. I have self-published a small run of a rewritten article based on the thesis, along with my current entire list. I sold a number of these at the National Conference in Indianapolis this month. If you would care to mention this list on your page, I would appreciate it.



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