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In a powerful blend of technique and soul, this Vermont couple presents traditional world folktales as duo narrative performance, interwoven with traditional Celtic music on harp and concertina. (listen)

Popular in schools, colleges, and resorts around New England, Tim and Leanne have been featured on Vermont public television and radio and at major festivals across North America, including the The National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough TN.

Their storytelling recordings have won Parents' Choice, American Library Association and Children's Music Web awards, and have been well reviewed in a variety of publications.

By combining their voices, sensibilities, and creative talents, the duo has developed a form of entertainment that is truly magical, with a unique ability to transcend boundaries.

Some people tell children's stories, some specify "adults only." Some tell "Women's Tales," others perform "Stories for Men." To this couple, such divisions seem irrelevent to what makes the old stories tick. "The old stories are ageless. They speak directly to that part of you that doesn't change as you move through your life. You listen, time changes, and you become ageless too."

Their program is listed on the juried register of the Vermont Arts Council, and is eligible for funding in Vermont through the Touring Aid, and Arts in Education programs. The act is also fundable in states served by the New England Foundation for the Arts through its New England States Touring program.

While their talents and styles mesh so well it's hard to imagine them separately, prior to getting together, each had a long career as well-respected solo artist.

Jennings earned wide acclaim as a modern master of traditional storytelling. Part old-time showman, part bard, part goofy uncle, he's made his whole living performing in front of all kinds of audiences since 1979. Sing Out! magazine once said of his work, "You cannot resist. From the first word, Jennings grabs you by the scruff of your imagination and throws you into his world.... He doesn't make the mistake of pretending to be a storyteller, he simply is one."

Ponder is an award-winning writer and poet whose works have appeared in Esquire, Story, The Transatlantic Review, and other magazines. She became a vibrant interpreter of Celtic harp music and world folktales, with a performance history that includes years of performing through the Shelburne Museum and the Vermont Department of the Humanities.






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