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seminal storytelling recordings

The two most important recordings in the American storytelling rennaisance came out a long time ago, but are still available from Folk-Legacy Records. One is by Ray Hicks, and the other is by Richard Chase. Both are collections of Jack tales. Anybody interested in traditional folk American storytelling should have both of these recordings. (The F-L site also has some scarily young-looking pictures of Michael Cooney, Rosalee Sorrells, and Utah Phillips.)

Ray Hicks is also featured on a video made by Appalshop, "Fixin to Tell About Jack." Another excellent video is (old original) Roadside Theater's amazing & riveting trio-told oral history "Red Fox/2nd Hanging," also listed there . Very important work, and last I knew, they let you use it any way you want, including broadcasting on cable-access, etc. I've seen some of their other stuff too; very good.

The definitive site for urban legends, chain letters and email hoaxes. If they say it's true, it is, but it usually isn't.


Hugh Blumenfeld's folk music site says we're "compelling."

Number one Lynda Barry fan site.






is the only full-time American traditional music radio station I know of, and it's not broadcast or satellite, it's internet only. Reason enough to figure how to get your computer's audio to your main music system, if you haven't done so already. Streaming old-time music mp3s, a nice mix of remastered 78s from the 20s and 30s, field recordings, and albums by early revival and contemporary performers. Mostly mountain fiddle and banjo, but plenty of other stuff too, including blues, Irish, I've even heard a hill-country storyteller. As you listen in your audio program (I use iTunes) the website gives the name of the selection, the artist, and the album title, and provides a link to more information and a purchase point. Plus the same information for the five or six numbers that came before. There have been some real steals advertised, too.

The site host puts together a 16 hour sequence, and replaces it every couple of weeks. If you are fond of this kind of music, but are not an avid buyer, here's a nice change from your own necessarily limited collection. Listen, and consider kicking in a little money, it's a labor of love for him, but he has expenses. And watch out-- you will buy some more records.


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