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Susan O'Connor
National Storytelling Festival

It is always exciting, Tim and Leanne, to welcome new tellers to our stage and to see them do well. I've heard many comments about your superb stories. Thank you for sharing your multiple talents with our audience. Please keep us informed of your work in storytelling. Congratulations, and sincere thanks for a weekend of very fine telling.
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Peg O'Sullivan
Connecticut Storytelling Festival

They are wonderful. They take tandem telling to the next level: listening to them is like watching two people weave the same cloth. Not only fine performers, they are professional, generous, and full of gentle humor. People across the country need to hear them.
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Mark Sustic
Shelburne Farms Harvest Festival

Tim Jennings and Leanne Ponder have been one of the most significant forces on the Vermont music scene, almost singlehandedly elevating the status of storytelling to its current place among the region's most important elements at fairs, festivals, celebrations, and other cultural events.
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Gail England
Vermont Midsummer Festival

I have seen and presented many artists over the years. When you see so much, you tend to get hardened, you lose your appreciation of the art. It takes someone very special to hold your attention-- Tim and Leanne do just that. Rarely do I find artists that I can use in so many configurations and be certain that my audiences will love what they see and hear.
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Philip Bither
Flynn Theater

Dear Tim and Leanne: I am writing to thank you for your wonderful recent performance at the Flynn Theater. The charming, witty, and beguiling tale you wove was one of the highlights of our storytelling festival, and captivated the imaginations of everyone present. Your tasteful and evocative incorporation of harp and concertina music lent the peformance added fullness. Your duel telling approach was wonderfully handled, enhanced by impeccable timing and strongly drawn characters. Thank you again for your commitment and artistry.
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Melissa Chestnut-Tangerman

Tim Jennings and Leane Ponder have been with SolarFest since its inception, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Their storytelling is most marvellous; the way they share the thread and weave the tale captivates our audiences, and has been doing so for four years. Since the first SolarFest, when Jennings and Ponder invited the audience up onto the main stage to get out of the rain, they have been among our most warm and flexible performers. This last year [1998], they held hundreds to their spell as they told a nighttime scary, macabre and wonderfully mournful story from the the main stage. We have great affection for these two masters.

SolarFest prides itself on showcasing only highest quality and diverse performances. Over the years, Jennings and Ponder's presence has thickened our stew considerably, adding a flavor much appreciated by both audiences and organizers, helping to make SolarFest the unique event it is.
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Tim and Leanne have thrilled us by accepting our invitations to perform three times now. Why would we have the same act repeatedly in such a small timespan? The bottom line, the audience loves them! They are consummate professionals, arriving early and paying great attention to detail to assure that the performance is perfect. From the moment they introduce themselves this act has the audience captivated in an array of wonderful, sometimes wacky, and always unusual tales.
Gerry Nasson Exec. Director.

I don't know if you had a chance to talk to the people at the Baptist Church, but they were thrilled with your performances and the whole event. They even wrote a glowing letter to the editor of the paper. This was our first year using that venue, so I was anxious to get off on the right foot. Thanks for being such great First Night goodwill ambassadors!
Steve Zind, Director, Onion River Arts

The reviews (we had plants in the audience!) on your performances came in with very high marks
Gordon McFarland Exec. Dir.

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It has been our fortune at the Chandler Music Hall to present the magical music and storytelling of Tim Jennings and Leanne Ponder at The New World Festival here in Randolph. They have performed at three of our festivals, and will be asked to return again next year. This festival, which musically celebrates Vermont's Celtic and French Canadian Heritage, was chosen as one of the state's Top Ten Events for this fall season by the Vermont Chamber of Commerce Department of Travel and Tourism. I believe this is in great part due to these performers, the versatility of their performance in music and folklore, and their participatory spirit.--
Timothy Flynn, President Chandler Cultural Foundation.






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