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For many years of performing storytelling assemblies and teaching storytelling residencies, kids have told me tales I didn't know, and I have taught some stories that, with coaching, young student tellers have used to wow audiences. Here are a few of them. I've received email that leads me to believe that they can be useful for adults as well. These are all folk tales.

Dead Man's Liver-- a junior high kid told me this jump tale. Warning: it is gross, tho when properly presented very funny and effective.
Golden Arm the Mark Twain classic, here for reference & comparison. Someday I'll post the even better one a kid brought in from her auntie.
The Eating Contest.-- (Boots Who Ate a Match with the Troll)-- I heard it in fifth grade, and loved it, and in a recent residency helped a stuttering fifth grade student tell it, like this.
The Tar Baby --no-dialect teller's version, with notes.
Why the Bear is Stumpytailed-- a short Norwegian fable, very good for student tellers.

Gotcha where I wantcha, now I'm gonna eatcha --another "gross" kid story, can bring down the house, when told by a kid. Good example of a no-jump fakeout.
Giant Purple Gorilla -- another good no-jump fakeout I've collected, not gross.

The Lighter --A modern, colloquial approach to Andersen's "The Tinderbox."

The Gingerbread Man -- a classic nursery tale, revised and annotated for student telling.

Folktales from ESL classes -- I found myself teaching storytelling to a bunch of people who didn't speak English very well. They started telling me their folk tales. The Art Contest. The Boy from the North. Emilya and the Pike.
Longest Story in the Universe -- Two version of the same old chestnut, one from the USA, one from China.


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