a program of folktales

about our best friend's

wild cousin


created and performed by

Tim Jennings and Leanne Ponder


Gripping, funny, moving, this always entertaining show consists of original treatments of traditional folk tales (described here) in which the wolf is a lead character with whom we can all identify. Stories range in tone from hilarious to heartstirring; the wolves are sometimes heroes, sometimes chumps, but always worthy of our love and respect. All stories are performed in Jennings and Ponder's signature duo storytelling style-- voices intertwining and overlapping in a kind narrative counterpoint.

Tim and Leanne weave Celtic music in and around the stories, playing harp and concertina.

With music, opening material and commentary, the program is a flexible 45 minutes to an hour in length, and is accessible and appealing to adults, teens, and school-aged children.

One version of this show is available as an award-winning live performance CD

One of the cruellest and longest "wars" in history was waged by Europeans and Euro-Americans upon the wild wolf. Images of ravening wolves in art and story are as wrong, ingrained, and vicious as any of the many racial, national, and ethnic stereotypes of the last four centuries. As we seek to restore the wolf populations of North America, we need to find other ways of looking at wolves-- ways with as much resonance and power as the fairy tales we seek to supplant-- to help us come to be at peace with the natural world.

This makes a great school show for Earth Day, Winter Holiday, St Patrick's Day, May Day, or any day.


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