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WOLVES!-- stories featuring our best friend's wild cousin.
Here are some folktales where the wolf is not the enemy, but a rather a lead character with whom we can all identify-- sometimes hero, sometimes chump, always worthy of our love and respect. Three favorite pieces, recorded in live performance before a family audience close to home. Here's some of the inside art.

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Winner 2007
Parents' Choice Silver Honor for storytelling

Winner, 2007 Children's Music Web Awards
Best Spoken Word for Young Children| & Best Spoken Word for Older Children

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Booklist -- Starred Review 7/07

"A vivid vocal tapestry that melds tandem storytelling and atmospheric harp and concertina background music. Presented by Tim Jennings and Leanne Ponder, the three wolf stories in this delightful collection were recorded before an audience in Vermont. The folk stories featuring wolves "worthy of our love and respect" range from humorous to touching to dramatic... the lively tempo, skillful pacing, and interlaced voices of Jennings and Ponder make for a thoroughly satisfying, family-friendly audio.  --Kristi Elle Jemtegaard

full review | Booklist website

Facts & Fiction "The UK's premier storytelling magazine" 5/07

"This is musical storytelling in a sense far deeper than the mere fluid intonation such an expression usually implies. The performers have taken the standard devices of music-- rhythm, counterpoint, syncopation, pitch, volume, repetition-- and used them to create finely dovetailed duets... I found it absolutely captivating... a class act... My grandchildren loved it... As somebody who is beginning to dare to say, 'I am a storyteller,' these are the sort of performers who demand that I raise my game.-- Mark Steinhardt, F&F reviewing panel."

full review | F&F website

Parents' Choice --Silver Honor Award

"Many fairy tales (such as Little Red Riding Hood) depict wolves as "big and bad." In contrast, this CD contains three wolf stories that feature a different (and truer) nature of the character while still personifying the animals. Tim Jennings and Leanne Ponder tell the stories in a unique tandem style that adds excitement and flair to the listening experience. Their talents are refreshing and their delivery genuine."

full review on Parent's choice site

AudioFile "the magazine for people who love audiobooks" 9/07

"The two have a distinct method of storytelling that will captivate listeners as it does their live audience. Sometimes they speak in unison; in other moments they banter back and forth, and echo one another, sometimes creating zippy dialogue, sometimes braiding their voices together in a fast-paced yet exact way. Both excel at depicting different characters. Ponder's animal creations are especially fine, with her chicken voice a real standout. Lilting musical interludes further enhance this unique production."

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Montpelier Times-Argus, the capital's daily newspaper

"Two of the best storytellers anywhere...Jennings and Ponder are masters, and it comes through in their CD. They don't just tell a story, they act it out. In this recording, their interplay, which never misses a beat, is both theatrical and very humorous. The many voices they imitate, the actions they express and the story settings they describe keep the listener glued to the CD player."

full Times Argus review 1/5/07 * (cached)

Seven Days burlington arts weekly

"While the tales are foreign in origin and seem to take place in the misty past, in their telling they are universal and timeless. Jennings and Ponder, partners in life and on stage, have mastered a brilliantly overlapping delivery that enhances the stories' drama, suspense and humor...They are captivating."

full Seven Days review 12/27/06 * (cached)


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